Today most cookware shoppers seem to be flocking for nonstick cookware. This is obviously due to the great convenience they offer. Nonstick cookware is designed with a surface that prevents food from sticking on it. This makes it easier to clean. The big question is however not whether to buy nonstick cookware but which is the best nonstick cookware.

5 Best rated Nonstick Cookware set Reviews

Anolon Advanced Bronze

Anolon Advanced Bronze

It comes with not less than 11 pieces. It has 3 and 15 quart saucepans, 8 and 10 inch skillets and other similar tools that can make any professional or amateur chef happy. The set is made of hard anodized materials. As a direct consequence, it is around two times harder than stainless steel. Besides, even heating prevents hot spots and sticking food. Glass lids are break resistant, while the tulip shape takes the overall design of your kitchen to the next level. With stainless steel and silicone, handles are both elegant and comfortable. [Full Review]

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II – Dishwasher Safe

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II

The set comes with a few saucepans, skillets, a sauté and a stockpot. Apart from the skillets, every other part comes with its own lid. Lids are transparent, so they allow you to take a peek inside without losing the steam and flavor. Each unit comes with a nonstick interior known for its durability. Besides, these things can be safely cleaned inside a dishwasher, without worrying that you might ruin the coating. The handles take comfort to the next level – rubberized, nicely designed, comfortable and resistant to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. [Full review]

WearEver C943SF Pure Living

WearEver C943SF Pure Living

This set can turn an average kitchen into a professional one. You gain access to 15 different pieces – heavy gauge aluminum, as well as ceramic coating. Forget about stains, scratches and hot spots. The base is made of durable aluminum for a top-notch heat distribution as well. There are no PFOA, PTFE and cadmium in the composition of this set. Therefore, it is entirely recyclable. Not everyone may care about these things, yet more and more chefs opt for healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. As for the handles, you got a silicone construction that can face 350 degrees Fahrenheit. [Full review]

T-Fal E918SA Ultimate Hard Anodized

T-Fal E918SA

It has 12 different pieces, including a few utensils for maximum efficiency. Not sure about the red spot in the middle of most parts? Easy. That is the heat indicator. It tells you when the pan is finally ready for cooking. The nonstick interior faces scratches like no other, even if you use metallic utensils. As for the exterior, it is made of hard anodized materials, so it is also dishwasher safe. New users will love the TechnoResist Anti-Warp technology too, as it offers an even heat distribution and warp resistance. What else can you ask for? [Full review]

Cuisinart 66-14 Chef’s Classic

Cuisinart 66-14 Chef's Classic

This cookware set comes with 14 pieces for any type of kitchen related necessity. The aluminum core, hard anodized exterior and nonstick interior make the ultimate combo in the cooking industry for maximum efficiency. Tempered glass lids are ideal for high temperatures and easy monitoring. They provide a solid fitting, but they are also break resistant. Handles raise to the same quality standards. The riveted stainless steel construction ensures that they keep cool on the stove, so there are no risks to get injured. When compared to many other cookware sets, this one is designed for the North American quality standards. [Full review]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Nonstick Cookware set

There are many factors to consider when shopping for nonstick cookware. A major factor that many people consider is the price of the pots and pans. Prices vary greatly depending on the company producing the cookware, the number of items in a set, and definitely the quality of the cookware. It is important to remember that the better the quality of the cookware, usually, the higher the buying price.

It does not mean however that a cheap nonstick set of cookware will not give you some decent service. The only difference could be that the cheap cookware is not very durable and after a short time, the coating will start wearing off making food stick to the pan or pot. An Anolon Advanced Bronze collection will cost you around $260 and will last much longer than a T-Fal C112sc74 Signature Nonstick 12-Piece cookware set retailing at around $75.

Eventually all nonstick cookware will end up wearing off. The durability of your cooking pieces highly depends with how much care you observe when handling your nonstick cookware. For example, if you brush your nonstick surface with a substance that is tougher, the coating will chip off. It is advisable to wash or use nonstick utensils with softer materials such as plastics.

Using nonstick cookware is the best way to cook with minimal fat. This is good news for people who are watching their weight, people suffering from conditions that make them keep away from fats, and any other Tom, Dick and Harry who is keen about healthy eating.

Safety with nonstick cookware

There are many people who are skeptical about investing in nonstick cookware due to the wide spread notion that nonstick cookware is toxic. Nonstick cookware traditionally has a layer of PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) which is a petroleum-based polymer. This substance is what effectively repels water making the pots nonstick. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is a chemical that is used to adhere the coating onto the metal pan.

The issue is that, there are concerns that when a pot is heated beyond some point of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the PFOA is released and this might cause serious health issues such as cancer and a weak immune system. The idea is not to heat the cooking pot over 450 degrees which is very high heat that you will likely never get to (this is the temperature when many petrol based substances break down). Be careful not to leave your nonstick pots and pans on a fire unattended for long periods.

The emissions from a highly heated PFOA surface are said to be dangerous enough to kill small birds. Just to be safe, keep all your lovely bird pets away from the kitchen!

These allegations are however not factual since the companies producing the nonstick cookware ensure that the coating adheres fast to the metal and it does not decompose easily. However, users are advised not to heat their pans to very high temperatures, especially worn pans that have scratches, which would make it easier for the PFOA to decompose.

Today there are other varieties of nonstick cookware other than the PTFE based cookware. Some of the best safest nonstick cookware is made with a ceramic or silica coating, which are termed as “green coatings”. The only downside of these glasslike surfaces is that they chip off easily when the pot or pan is banged against a hard surface or against other utensils.

When working with nonstick cookware, you should never worry about the quality of your cooking. Many say that people who use nonstick cookware are not serious about their cooking and that food cooked using nonstick cookware is not as good as food cooked in the traditional cooking materials such as cast iron or stainless steel. Well, cast iron has its advantages for slow cooking and cooking for long periods but the difference in food quality is negligible. The only difference is that it is not safe to cook food for a long duration using nonstick pans and pots.

The other thing you should be careful to observe is that you do not scratch the surface of the nonstick coating. This can scratch off the coating and your food will start sticking to the exposed metal surface. Due to this reason, you should be careful how you clean nonstick cookware in the dishwasher. When hand washing, do not scour the cooking pot surfaces with a very brittle cleaners such as steel wool. Stacking nonstick cookware with other cookware, this might easily damage the coating.

Buying nonstick cookware

With the many different nonstick cookware brands in the market today, a shopper without sufficient information might have a nightmarish experience when choosing what to purchase. Many times people venture out of their homes to look for new cookware simply because they visited a friend where they saw these beautiful different cookware and they decided that they also must have a set. Others have more information and they go shopping for this type of cookware due to its advantages of food not sticking on to them, but rarely do they know the different varieties that the market has to offer.

There are different types of nonstick cookware depending on the kind of coating that is applied on the pans and pots, the material/metal that makes up the cookware, and the quality of the items. Quality of nonstick cookware usually depends on the kind of nonstick coating used and the number of layers that have been applied. The technology used to adhere the coating will also affect the cookware’s overall quality.

Before going out to shop for cookware, it is important that one does a thorough study of the available options in the market. A good approach that is very easy to use is to search the web for user and manufacturer reviews of the cookware. The best nonstick cookware reviews are the ones that will not only tell you the advantages of the cookware but also the downsides of the cookware. It is also wise to particularly heed the reviews of people who have actually used the cookware. A good site to check out for the best nonstick cookware reviews is

Price is the usual first consideration for many when they go out shopping. This is okay, you should buy only what is within your budget. However, you should get the best product within your budget. That is, do not settle for cheap nonstick cookware that will wear down after a short time while you could have added a few dollars and acquired a set of cookware that would last you a much longer time.

Consider the type of coating used for the cookware. If you are particularly finicky about the health issues, or if you are concerned about your pet canary, you could opt to buy nonstick cookware with a ceramic coating. These are more costly and are harder to maintain in good condition since the ceramic easily chips off if the cookware is roughly banged on hard surfaces.

Consider the brand you are buying. Sticking to a brand is the best way to get assurance of uniformity. If you are particular about quality, it is best to buy cookware with established brands that have long been known for their quality. Some people buy from certain brands for the sake of the status with which the brand is associated. Some brands provide better warranty and guarantee for their items.

Stores are known to have sale offers every now and then. This is a good opportunity to go get your coveted nonstick cookware set at a better bargain. However, be careful not to end up buying what you had not planned for simply because you want to take advantage of the offer. In the same way, there are periods when there is a rush for cookware, especially towards the year-end. Avoid buying cookware at this time since the prices will most likely be higher than they normally are.


Nonstick cookware is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of easy cooking and easy cleaning. Once the user follows the instructions of how to use nonstick cookware, it is safe to use nonstick cookware. Nonstick cookware will last for a long time if the pots and pans are handled with care.

There are many kinds of nonstick cookware brands and products in the market and one know what they want before going out to buy a nonstick cookware item or set. Different nonstick products vary in their quality, price, and the materials they are made of. Before buying an item, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the item comparing them with your needs and eventually pick the item that provides more benefits.

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